Seventh Economic Census of India 2019-2020 Through CSC Digtal Seva

What is the Economic Census?

Ans. Economic Census (EC) is the complete count of all establishments/units located within the geographical boundaries of the country.

The Govt. of India, after bagging the project like Aadhar, Ayushman Bharat and Ujjwala, plans to conduct a nationwide economic census (CSC) under the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) in 2019-2020. Common Service Centres e-governance is going to conduct the 7th economic census. Around 12 lakh enumerators will be involved in conducting the survey and the CSC e-Governance also have developed a mobile app which will identify the Panchayats, locations. The CSC VLE’s now can register for enumerators and supervisors through digital seva portal. There are almost 2.5 lakhs CSC centers all across India which will help the survey programme. The main purpose of CSC is that, delivery of essential public utility services,  healthcare, education, agriculture, social welfare services, etc. to the people living in rural and remote areas of India. This is the first time in India where the survey will be conducted through technology. This process expected to be completed in six months. Through this article, we are discussing the procedure of CSC census registration.

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What is CSC Registration?

             ICT centers named as Common Service Centre in the Public Private Partnership mode in rural areas. Each CSC run by a Village Level Entrepreneurs who are selected by the Service Centre Agencies, the private sector partners under the CSC Scheme.

Enumerator and Supervisor in CSC Census

            The enumerator is those who visiting door to door to count people and collect demographic or economic data. Enumerator also knew as census takers are employed in taking a census of the population.

            And the supervisor monitoring the work of enumerator. Almost all the activity of enumerator is done by these supervisors and the data is quality certified by the supervisor.

Qualification  Criteria for Enumerator and Supervisor

  • Minimum Higher Secondary — Enumerator
  • Minimum Graduation — Supervisor
  • Operate a smartphone is a basic knowledge for both Enumerator and supervisor.

Procedure of CSC Economic Census registration

            At first, you go to the CSC registration page through the web link


            When you enter in the registration page click on “ Login With Digital Seva Connect”.

Economic Cencus 2019 2020 CSC



Then type your user name and password to log in.

          Economic cencus 2019 login


After that, a survey will appear as following-


Choose any one option either it is registered for enumerator or registers for supervisor. After submit, an authentication page will appear in next where you provide your Aadhar number and Beneficiary name.

 And also enter Gender, Date of Birth, Email address, Category, etc.  shown in the appearing page.

Lastly, upload your education qualification document. The above steps are shown in the

following figs.



After completed above procedures, you are successfully registered for CSC economic census 2019.

Enumeration Block

            The enumeration block is the basic building block for enumeration. For the purpose of conducting the census, each village or town will further be divided into these blocks and location code will be assigned to each of these enumeration blocks. The enumerator blocks are under the authority of an Enumerator. Three Enumeration Blocks are under the authority of an Enumerator and there are Three to Five Enumerators are under a Supervisor.



110 houses are covered in one Enumeration Block.

Agriculture in Economic Census: The Agriculture in Economic census is not covered yet.

The workflow for an interested Enumerator / Supervisor or VLE

Following steps are followed by an Enumerator / Supervisor or VLE –

1.Registration of Enumerator &Supervisor

2.Entrance Exam for Enumerator &Supervisor

3.Training of Enumerator &Supervisor

4.Module wise Assessment

5.Final Examination after 5 to 10 days of training

6.Certification of Enumerator &Supervisor

7.EconomicEnumeration through Enumerator (Totally Field based activity )

8.Data Supervision through Supervisor (Field and non-field based activity)

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